question Should i buy a 6N .com ?


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This would be considered:

ABCCDA (pattern)

You can search previous sales on namebio using DNEEND (pattern)


6N.com is speculated to have been part of a pump in dump and thus reported sales should be considered with a grain of salt.

With all the possible domains, do you really want to add a random 6N that, assuming means nothing to you, as an annual renewal? I mean could you ever see yourself using that domain for any other purpose besides resale?
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i have keeping eye on GoDaddy auction and i noticed that if there is no AAA in that numeric domain name, it's almost worthless. So, i stopped thinking to buy one of them.

What's weird is that almost all 6N that do not have a 0 or 4 get bought up as soon as they show in the expired domains list. Even names with no repeats, just as long as they have no 0 or 4. I have about a dozen non 0/4 domain 6N's that have pairs NN somewhere in them and sometimes a third match number to the NN. I see lots of whois look ups for them on Godaddy, but no offers or buyers.
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I apologize for raising an old 2019 discussion, but I think anybody interested in the topic of 6N .com domain names will find our company's research very interesting.
Our series of research studies continues with this 6N .com research.

We checked if there were any 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, or 6N .com domain names available for registration.

What's with the number obsession? Numbers can be fun. 666.com is registered, but who is the owner? Chinese would pay a handsome fee for 888888.com. How about 1000.com or 11111.com?

Anyway, in the article below you can find out if there are any 6N (.com domain names with 6 digits or numbers) available for registration.


As you may now, in this forum we talked about all the 6N .com domain names being registered back in 2015. Not any more.