'Short, Brutal Lives': The Life Expectancy for Malicious Domains

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    Domain Name System (DNS) pioneer Paul Vixie for more than three years has been calling for a "cooling off" period for newly created Internet domain names as a way to deter cybercrime and other abuses. Domain names registered and spun up in less than a minute only encourage and breed malicious activity.
    "All new domain should go into a penalty box — good or bad — until they've had a chance to live long enough," he says. Vixie's full report will be released on Friday.
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    A 3 year cooling off period? So everyone pays the ultimate price for a minority of scamming pricks? what if we did that through out todays world society, we would all be locked in the house from dusk to dawn. only allowed to leave your house to go to work and get food and ect, but have to in your house from 7P to 7a.

    That is what "Law" and Law Enforcement is here for, to maintain peace, With scammers web criminals, it is not as simple as just busting them, evidence takes time to mount, while evidence is mounting, these people continue to commit their crimes, there is no getting around it, It is due process. no one wants to become a victim, but i highly doubt people are good with having their domain in the slammer for 3 years.
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    Yeah can't be 3 years that's too long.
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    From the article -
    "Putting new domains on ice for hours, days, or a week, is the best approach to ensure there's no malicious intent or ties."

    Not years

    Has been advocating 3 years for the change.

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