discuss Sharing how do you appraise a domain name?

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I want to discuss about

- How do you appraise a domain name?
- Which data you will looking for?
- How long do you spend to appraise a domain name?
- Do you reappraise a domain name after a long time?

Could you share your way, your story!

Thank you!
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A great way to learn is just look through the Appraisal section here and read, read, read. You can see some members are very good at appraisals and they usually give reasons why they think a name is worth what they present.

Also very helpful is the rules, which is a lovely outline of good things to look for

Personally, I imagine how I would attempt to sell a name if I owned it, or if I don't care for it, what would have stopped me from buying or registering it if I saw it was available.