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  1. Buxton

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    Hey Everyone,
    Just joined.
    I own about 20 names I have bought over the years,
    with the idea of turning some into a online business.
    But its time to offload some.
    They are all reg with godaddy.
    I have a few .coms with 2 four letter words.

    Where is the best place to sell these?
    I have a couple on sedo but I cant get a premium listing
    there as they are not affiliated with godady. So im not getting noticed.
    And they are half decent names. .co and

    Ive noticed that there are 100s of names on sedo that have 0 bids.
    Has domaining totally dried up?
    godaddy seems to have the most bids and traffic, is
    this the best place?

    Im interesed to know where are you guys getting
    your /most sales from?

    oh and one more question (for now)
    dose the age of a name effect its value?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Willox Perez

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    Hey first off welcome to the community!

    Alright so you have 20 names and need to sell these, to get an idea of the best places to sell your domains at simply go to and see the recent sales. You will notice that for the most part it is on Godaddy auctions and NameJet auctions.

    Of course this does not mean these are the only 2 places to sell your names at since you can definitely take advantage of Flippa and Sedo.

    You have to also understand that the market place where you sell your domain name has little to do with you making the sale. The domain name itself has to be quality and wanted by others in other to sell.

    Since these were your first 20 names some may not be of good quality and therefore will not generate much want from potential buyers no matter where you put them up for sale.


    With that said definitely give it a shot and list them as make offer (Only NameJet does not allow you to list at make offer) in the above market places and see if you get any bites. Another good method is to park your names and put a for sale banner on them so that way if someone comes to your site they will know it is for sale and maybe even put an offer.

    I personally park my names and was able to make a sale because of someone putting an offer through the for sale banner. I also sold names on Godaddy and Flippa.

    - Will
  3. Nerevar

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    It depends totally on the quality of the name and on the time that you are willing to wait. Without seeing the names, it is hard to tell anything.

    The options are basically two: either make a free listing on all the marketplaces and wait for a few months / years, or start an auction.
  4. DMitchell

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    Basically you're saying:

    "I own about 20 [Random Products] I have bought over the years,
    with the idea of turning some into a online business.
    But its time to offload some. Where is the best place to sell these?"

    Not exactly a question that can be easily answered.

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