Selling Domain with Long Term Business Deal

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    Hello folks. First of all, im not sure im posting in the right section.
    I need advice on a domain i think has huge business potential. I would like to own a % of any business created With the domain after selling it . Is there any guide on namepros on how to arrange such deals successfully? Your advice and recommendations are welcome.
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    Not sure if there is any such guidelines on NP but that'd really be a great setup. However, I am not aware of any such contracts, at least from my network.

    Most of the startups are listed on Producthunt, Betalist and even on Crunchbase; You should contact founders and CEOs there and pitch on your offer. Rest of the story depends on how good your domain is and how much they offer against your domain.

    Let us know if you could win any contract and what you've gained.

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