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    I have read a lot about the importance of building a personal landing web page for listing all your domain names for sale.
    Sure, this is the opinion of a newbie, but unless some interesting periodic articles or videos ( at least weekly ones ) are published on the page, a page that solely lists domains names to be sold probably would not attract much of a traffic, and therefore, it won't be very useful as a business self-advertising.

    What is your opinion ?
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    I tend to agree that it probably does not make much difference. The first priority is to have an effective lander for each domain and the second to get them listed on at least one major marketplace. Only after that would I consider the effort of building and maintaining a site.

    I think the main advantage of a site is when your names are concentrated in certain niches so someone who comes looking will see related names presented together on your site. As you mention content and updates needed for any chance of search success but it is possible to get rating and traffic in well defined niches.

    Services like Efty do make it easy to build a site quickly without technical skills or a hosting plan which is another option.

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