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    Please accept my apologies up front for this vague, hard to answer question. I have some GEO domains and in trying to price the value in them I was wondering what percentage of monthly searches is generally accepted as a rough guide to use. I expect it to be definitely below 10%, probably below 5% but hoping to be above 1%

    I am using a simple equation of % of search X ROI of 6 months X minimum $ amount expected to be spent in a transaction.

    Is this an ok way to proceed or am I way off the mark?

    As usual many thanks to all members that take the time to reply.

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    Hi Somertonian,

    Unfortunately, pricing is not as easy as just using a percentage of the search volume. Pricing, especially for low value GEO names, depends on the reality of the market. The majority of small companies that buy GEO are not willing to pay over $500 for them. Of course, there are exceptions, depending on the quality of the keywords and the popularity of the geographic in question.
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    Thank you for your comments. One of my GEO domains I am trying to price is Having looked at search volume (18,100 per month) and CPC (£0.91) I thought I could work out a price factoring in a ROI timeframe for the end user of say 6 months. The search volume was on the term New York Café and ' is not owned by a café in New York, but is owned by a café/restaurant in Budapest, Hungary. So knowing that there are plenty of Cafés in New York and a healthy search volume led me to believe this could be a higher value than $500.

    I may be way off here, so would appreciate any suggestions.

    Kind regards,
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    search volume should be done on the whole domain., not just the keywords of the domain that you want to include or exclude

    also, sv doesn't equate to actual visitors a domain may get.

    additionally, one could assume that those cafe's already have a name, so why would they want to pay more than reg fee for yours?

    lastly, all geo's are not created equal and I wouldn't consider that one to be a geo


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