Script AGC MP3 Premium 2018 No Need API KEY (Anti Limit)

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    Detail Script:
    1. Php Script
    2. NO Database
    3. Admin Panel
    4. No Need API KEY (Anti LIMIT)
    5. View simple, Responsive, mobile friendly
    6. Inject Keyword dari related google (Auto)
    7. BreadCrumb Dimox Breadcrumb
    8. Widget Random Keyword
    9. Inject Sitemap download (Auto)
    10. Bintang review
    11. Multi theme (Free 5 Theme)
    12. Auto Complete Search/Suggest
    13. Related Keyword
    14. Related Youtube Video
    15. Auto Ping Sitemap to Search Engine
    16. Remove Common Word
    17. Cache json, sqlite, files, cookie
    18. Minify HTML
    19. ADD Sitemap By Keyword
    20. Just Added Itunes
    21. New Release
    22. Top Songs
    23. Top Albums
    24. Top Music Videos
    25. Biograpi Artis
    26. Support multiple formats for video download
    27. Setting ADS Banner & PopUp
    28. Setting Fake Download
    29. Fast Load.

    DEMO ***********************************************
    sby {dot} gdn
    sch {dot} gdn

    Price $30 (Paypal)
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