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Saw a couple different domains on TV this morning.

Not that important, just thought it was interesting. Within the same few moments, saw Tovala dot com advertised, which provides weekly meal deliveries, that makes use of a smart oven to generate perfectly cooked meals with minimum effort, and , which is some sort of AI based enterprise software.

Tovala is simply a brandable, and does nothing to explain what you might find on the web site. Just thought it was interesting that they were okay with that, maybe they just wanted a name that they felt was easy to remember. kind of surprised me, I looked at the site and never did understand the concept behind 'c3', but they were willing to use a letter number combo on the .ai extension.

Not sure what kind of discussion I wanted to frame with these two domains, just that it was interesting to see a .com brandable that had nothing to do with the purpose of the site, with the site being well developed, and the .ai as a letter number combo. Companies just seem to be willing to build an idea from scratch instead of going after a specific, site defining word.


Made in Canada
A few nights ago we put on a Netflix film, believe it was "The Protege". In the introductory portion where the studios responsible make their appearance, there was


and displayed exactly like that (in their logo and colouring). Notice the placement of the dot? Of course first thing I thought was, dam that's their DN! The line break between the name and extension was interesting, but quite a clever way to brand because while being a domain name, it didn't necessarily display that way.

They currently have the name forwarded to the .ca match.