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SAV continues to deceive its customers!



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About a week ago I won a very valuable domain name at the's auction and was ready to pay $8k.
Although I have sufficient balance on my card, transactions were delayed due to automatic fraud detection and also it was the weekend.

SAV requested ID and card information for fraud bypass, no problem, so I sent it. (by the way, they store private attachments on servers, I don't know how safe that is...)
While I was happy that the process will be approved immediately and I will have the domain name, I saw that the auction has started again for the item I already won!
Now other users have already re-bid, and there are only a few days left until the restarted auction ends.
Even though I asked why you don't cancel the restarted auction, why don't you complete the payment process and transfer the domain name I won... Still no response!

If there is no point in participating in the auction and winning, why bother your customers?!
What's the point of participating in auctions and making you a huge amount of money if you're just going to make up your own mind and ignore the winner?

This isn't the first auction issue, either!

These constant unpleasantness means that you do not understand the technical details and you are simply mocking the customers! The glitches in your system are not your customers' problems!
Stop putting the responsibility on the customers and acting like nothing happened in every case!
You definitely can't handle rapid growth. Think twice, act once!

So, please confirm the documents I sent you and finish the domain name transactions that I have earned immediately before someone else win that "again"!

Ticket ID: e7bbf047-bc1c-4924-b974-976279b73c0f

Thank you.


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sav was full of bugs for long aftr starting...thank god in the end it worked out rather nicely.

the only problems I ever hear of now are aucton related

luckily I never do auctions there as it's become an overpriced no profit potential bid war. for xyz co and io.

much like parkio

I dicourage u from buying at those prices..

Nick R Staff
@kor - We do apologize for the bad experience. However, we do give customers 48 hours to add a new payment method on file and the primary one is being blocked for potential fraud. We are happy to review and whitelist accounts when we can but it is the bidders responsibility to provide a payment method that is able to be charged within 48 hours of the auction ending.


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@Nick R
Do you realize exactly what you're talking about? Are you even aware of what you are doing as a company?
You really are making fun of people!

I've been trying to get help from your support team for 10 days now, which does nothing but muddy the water even more! Due to the possibility of fraud, the payment process was blocked by your system, so you asked for an ID and card photo, and I sent it.
Now you're saying "You should have added another payment method within 48 hours".
Is this some kind of joke?!

Either you didn't read all of what I wrote or you're having trouble perceiving it.

I stated that the auction in question coincided with the weekend, the payment could not be received because the fraud detection was activated, and 48 hours had already passed at that time.
You have a system that works 24/7, but you are closed on weekends, on holidays and in the evenings! Even on business days, it takes 2-3 days at best to get a response from the support team!
How exactly could I reach you?!

Moreover, if fraud detection is triggered automatically when trying to pay high amounts, what difference will it make if I add 10 different credit cards?!
You did not give me this warning from the very beginning of the process. Now you're making silly excuses out of thin air and changing the rules of the game at the last minute!
I don't have to deal with a lot of cards and banks. My card information is saved in your system, and the money is in it. I can use this card on many other platforms without any problems. Is it really that hard to get the payment and complete the transaction?!

What's even more funny is that my account still seems to be restricted to auction participation! I cannot put bid on any domain name...
I don't even know if the ID information I sent was approved or not. No response to tickets since 1 week!

I'm really pushing myself to understand your purpose. I explain that I have won the auction and am ready to pay. However, instead of trying to find a solution and earn $8k, you continue to give irrelevant answers...

This is my final notification:
Please cancel the restarted auction, complete the payment on the amount I won and transfer the domain name to my account immediately or I will contact my lawyer and initiate the necessary legal procedures to ensure that your firm receives the heaviest penalty, even across continents!

Nick R Staff
@kor - We do understand and apologize that your experience with Sav was not a good one. I did review all the tickets and see your request to bypass our fraud detection in the queue from about a week ago. This is not something that we guarantee we can do but we set this up when we are able to. When there is a payment issue we do send a link to an FAQ that gives multiple options on how to remedy the situation aside from the bypass.

It does look like you were able to change you payment method (which is one of the recommended options) and I do see that the new method is working. Your account is restricted from placing bids at the moment but we will be making changes to allow these again this month. We will email all users when this happens and they can bid again.


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Thanks @Nick R !

The problem was fixed, albeit forcibly.

In order to give a friendly suggestion and to clarify some points;
I added a different card information long before the fraud detection block because the virtual card limit did not allow me to pay that high amount. So I had to enter the information of the actual physical card.

If you cannot guarantee some things, state this from the very beginning so that the participants can take positions accordingly.
For example, if some mechanisms are activated above a certain limit, request an ID well in advance so that this type of headache can be prevented.

No notification e-mail was sent to me when there was a problem with the payment, I tried to reach you personally. At that time, you were struggling with serious problems in your pre-auth system, payments and sending e-mails.

Anyway, I got what I won and paid for it.

Although you are a very new company, there are assets worth gold in your system and there are always high sales. I assume you are aware of this...
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