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Responding to "what the value of" asked by many.

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    Hi All,

    So many ask versions of the same question, so wanted to throw out some general details to try to help, at least partly, answer many of the posts.

    This is meant for new Domainers and is very basic, on purpose.

    Ok, I am going to write up much more detail and start a new post at some point but… here is some info that if you take the time to research, dissect, and explore – did I say research? Research and find out what others have made public, although not so easy to find, you will fin everything you need if you look.
    • Brandables… Read what BrandBucket or BrandPa (etc.) describe as what you should submit. Honestly, it’s so open for interpretation, you will get many different answers – stick with written advice of the biggest players (as a beginner). IMO
    OK, now forget brandables as they are their own class and defy laws of data modeling and statistics.

    The rest:

    Now this is super structure framework, there is much work to compete on your "effective" model, but there are major indicators.

    TLD: forget all others for predicting value, as the only models around are based on .com and use a negative multiplier for the others.

    So, only value (any name) as .com then work back.

    1. Exact match searches, the more the better. How many exact match searches monthly?

    2. Is your name taken in multiple other extensions? Meaning is is so good that .biz, .us, .org, .net, .info, etc. are gone.

    3. Is a .com? if it's not probably best to move on.

    If you can force yourself to look at those 3 items to start - you are in a better spot to make good investment decisions.

    Again, that is just the surface and you should do your own research and gather your own data. I am sure a more knowledgeable and experience domainer would dispute some of my thoughts or offer better insights.

    Just sharing my experience and research.

    Hope that’s helpful,

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