[Resolved] Porkbun - Where is my registered domain name

Located in Domain Registrar Reviews started by Charley, Jan 25, 2020.


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    The existing account balance before registration was $4.40.

    On January 23, I registered a .com domain for $4.90 ($5.12 includes fee) through bitcoin. The domain name shows unregistered as per whois until now(January 25). I contacted Philip on Live chat and he tells me that I have received the money.

    Unanswered queries are

    1. Where is my registered domain name? I paid money for registering a domain name.

    2. My account balance should be more than $9, not $4.40. The money is missing

    See attached documents.

    account balance.jpg bitcoin payment.jpg Live chat.jpg domain registration order.jpg
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    So in 2 days you lose the plot.
  3. HotKey

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    You seriously have to clutter up the forum with a thread for a $5 dollar reg that hasn't been resolved from two days ago.

    To help put your mind at ease, in my experience Porkbun has excellent cust support, and this will easily be resolved via email. The man already told you since it involved billing you'll have to wait, and rest assured it'll get resolved.

    Placing this under warnings and alerts, with a thread heading that makes it seem like you had a domain stolen or something, is ridiculous.

    You people have to shape up with these bogus accusations all the time. Pull up your pants and use some patience, give the company an opportunity to interact back with you using their support system.

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