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If you made a .tv sale in 2008 report it here if you can.

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Just report sales, nothing else because it gets too long and all over the place.

Min $100
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The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros. $7000.00 $5000.00 $250.00
Reported .tv sales for 2008

Please check the attached excel sheet for the reported .tv sales for year 2008 till date.

We can keep on adding new reported .tv sales to this excel sheet.

All the information in the excel sheet has been collected from 2 sources &

I haven't verified the validity of the data. There are some names that have different sales price on and

Thank you.

oops it doesn't show the attachment. Let me paste the names in this post.

Socieities $2 24th Jan $136 24th Jan $260 23rd Jan $5,781 23rd Jan $2,721 23rd Jan $84 20th Jan $170 18th Jan $1,285 17th Jan $1,250 17th Jan $2 17th Jan $1,000 16th Jan $805 16th Jan $88 16th Jan $4,500 15th Jan $756 15th Jan $416 15th Jan $502 15th Jan $4,410 14th Jan $506 13th Jan $147 12th Jan $726 11th Jan $205 11th Jan $88 11th Jan $382 11th Jan $805 10th Jan $481 10th Jan $260 9th Jan $913 9th Jan $505 8th Jan $303 8th Jan $3,500 8th Jan pvt sale $737 8th Jan $133 8th Jan $560 7th Jan $1,000 7th Jan $882 2nd Jan $371 2nd Jan
You can add Censored.TV at $700 and earlier this year at $250


Both over $300

and few adult .tv's $300 @ SOLD.

...hmmm I wonder who placed this offer....
Im kind of embarassed, I wouldnt really consider these "sales" (just sold for $100)
*EDIT* too low
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bgmv- that is wonderful- no need to be embarrassed! you made money! thats what counts!

some other sales:
all for 600.00 - 350.00
RL said:
Congrats BGMV!


Thanks alot RL.

I never even expected to sell any of my .tv names, most of the appraisals that I got from NP members were dismal at best. Its a confidence booster, I just cant wait to develop (a directory of the best .tv sites)