Renewing name before its sold at auction

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    Ok For example I have a quality domain name very nearly expire to the point where it ends up at godaddys expiring auction. Say it gets high bids in the tens of thousands just as the auction completes, I then renew it. (Annoyingly for the winning bidder) Does this give me the true value of that name, or the permission to ask that price?
    Surely the person bidding at that high bid would purchase the name off you for the same price. Right?
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    You don't get any special rights to pricing your domains based upon the highest bid at a GoDaddy Auction. You cannot find out who the highest bidder is to sell them your domain. They might be shill bids or bids from a chinese buyer who only follows GoDaddy Dropping Auctions.

    The best you can probably hope for would be to list it for auction at GoDaddy, for half of the auction price. But you still might not get any bids, because 1) It might not be seen 2) there is an urgency about dropping domain auctions which you cannot replicate when you are simply auctioning the domain.

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