Registration Path Vs Type In Traffic

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Registration Path Vs Type In Traffic

  1. Registration Path

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  1. TauseefKhan

    TauseefKhan Upgraded Member Blue Account

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    Registration Path: Your domain for sale appears on the majority of domain registrars websites under the registration path - which is actually a search bar where the buyers type the name to check its availability. Provided you put a BIN on that domain name.

    Type-in traffic is a term describing visitors landing at a website or parked page by entering a keyword or phrase in the web browser's address bar. The landing page could be a parked page, for sale page, or both.

    You can choose any landing page for the domain that can cater to type-in-traffic. But, if you don't submit your domain name to premiere domain marketplaces it will not appear under the domain registration path. This means loss of any potential sale which may happen if the prospective buyer doesn't take the pain to visit the landing page, negotiate and close the deal.

    So, share what is important. Registration path, type-in traffic, or both.
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  2. Hypersot

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    afaik, type-in traffic refers to traffic originating from users typing in the exact match (or a misspelled exact match) of a full domain name and not just the keyword of said domain.

    Registration path is new for me.. never heard that term before.

    Having said that,
    I'm not sure your question is very clear so the answers in the thread might not be that accurate regarding to what you are looking for. At least, in my case, I'm not sure I understand 100% what you are asking :)
  3. TauseefKhan

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    @Hypersot thanks for posting. I will try to make it simple. Suppose you own example.com and I want to buy that domain name. I will directly type into the browser address bar - Example.com and then buy it or make an offer depending on how you set the landing page.

    The other way for me is to access the domain registrars' (Godaddy, Netsol, Etc) search bar (domain registration path) and type Example.com. And if it shows available - I will then click proceed.

    Most of the domains don't appear in the search/registration path of domain registrars because No BIN is attached to those domains or simply they are not submitted to the premier marketplaces which enables such a feature across multiple registrars.

    I hope it's clear.
  4. TauseefKhan

    TauseefKhan Upgraded Member Blue Account

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    let's give you an example by way of the domain itself. It's one of my domain name. Using Domain Lander - someone may visit by directly typing name accountingpress.com into the web browser.


    Registration Path or Domain Search at Registrars website as given below upload_2020-8-6_15-58-14.png upload_2020-8-6_16-0-38.png

  5. AbdulBasit.com

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    I believe both are important. The main reason is it gives you additional exposure for selling your domains.

    Personally I'm using both together for my domains.

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