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  1. belmar313

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    Hi, I hope you're all fine.

    Namebio is probably one of the tools we all use the most (even though I tend to be careful with it since only some sales are reported, many private sales and some venues don't report their sales, also many fake and pump & dump sales are it can be a bit misleading....but this subject is for another post).

    My doubt is, when you see GoDaddy as a the selling venue, like here, for instance:

    Domain Price Date Venue 15,000 USD 2019-11-12 NameJet 10,252 USD 2019-11-12 GoDaddy 5,327 USD 2019-11-12 GoDaddy 5,100 USD 2019-11-12 NameJet 4,988 USD 2019-11-12 GoDaddy 4,188 USD 2019-11-12 BuyDomains 3,600 USD 2019-11-12 Sedo 3,555 USD 2019-11-12 GoDaddy 3,500 USD 2019-11-12 Sedo 3,136 USD 2019-11-12 BuyDomains

    What does it mean? What venues is it? Are these domains sold through GD Auction? Via GD search (but in this case, a domain could either be listed via GD auctions, or Afternic), or domains listed in Afternic but showing in GD?

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  2. Windoms

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    My afternic sales are not displayed on namebio.
    Some can be found using domain appraisal tool, not all.
    I think those on namebio are auctions, or maybe people are manually reporting them.
  3. Michael

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    An overwhelming majority of them are expired auctions, which is the only thing we automatically track at GoDaddy. A small percentage are standard auctions (both 7-day and make offer), and a tiny percentage are privately negotiated (buy service) or registry sales (like .club), but these are reported manually.

    None are from Afternic. Any sales from there are manually reported and would be listed as Afternic, unless the person reporting wanted us to list their portfolio site as the venue instead (which is often the case).

    If a GoDaddy make offer "auction" was spawned from an Afternic listing and it sold via that auction, it would be listed as GoDaddy. But we would only know about it if it was manually reported to us, which is infrequent.

    Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification.
  4. rohitgoyal

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    I had a query .. a lot of private sales never get disclosed... if anyone wishes to disclose their private sales in namebio than is there any timeframe for the same.. I meant can a person disclose only 3 months back sales or 1 year and so on...
  5. Michael

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    There's no time limit, all data is welcome even if it is from 1998. As long as you can send a screenshot showing proof and it is $100+ we'll add it. Just email me at [email protected] with domain, price, date, and venue along with the screenshot to report a sale.
  6. DpakH

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    I think not all domain sales are reported. However, there might be some, who might not like to disclose the sales instead kept as private. Just my opinion

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