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I was fortunate enough to win these names in a poker game. The other guy seemed to be upset to loose them, but maybe he was just bluffing. Any value here? Thanks in advance!

  • onlinesurveyresults / com - maybe an aggregate site of various surveys
  • loadsfinder / com - a way for truckers to find "loads"
  • donatingacartocharity / com - 5400 search volume per mo.
  • scotlist / com
  • pandoraoutletstores / com
  • onlinecollegepsychology / com
  • charlottevirginia / com - info about the city
  • dakocan / com
  • enterpriseserverhosting / com
  • rearwindowstickers / com - there are already quite a few companies who pay you to advertise on your back windows
  • howdoesinsurancework / com - always wondered, never really knew much about it
  • add-on / shop
  • autoinsurancequick / com - who doesn't like quick...
  • lowrateinsurancequotes / com
  • skating / coach


Interesting story. Some may fetch 3 figures, with the right buyer. However, they're quite tough

The domain s/c/o/t l/i/s/t (com), maybe low / mid hundreds (list of properties in Scotland, or other), but niche. Charlotte County is a United States county located in the south central part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. A pass for "charlotte county", not so much c/h/a/r/l/o/t/t/e v/i/r/g/i/n/i/a. Pandora is a trademark, that's dead. If I was involved in "enterprise hosting" specifically, I'd be aiming for a far better domain for my clients (a strong 1 or 2 worded domain). The domain s/k/a/t/i/n/g c/o/a/c/h is cool, if you scoop up a coach somewhere that appreciates it, maybe. More than half of these domains are 3 and 4 worded too, less favourable. I suggest sticking them all up as just "offers accepted", IMO. PS Welcome to NamePros
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