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    The site is the new home of Raspberry Pi Trading, while the original site,, will continue to be the home for the Raspberry Pi Foundation and all of RP educational initiatives to help young people learn about computers and how to create with digital technologies.

    Why the change?
    When was first launched as a WordPress blog in 2011, we were talking about a low-cost, programmable computer that was being designed for education.

    Fast-forward a decade, and we are now speaking about an increasingly broad range of technology and education products and services to industry, hobbyists, educators, researchers, and young people. While there is lots of overlap between those communities and their interests, it is becoming increasingly difficult to address everyone’s needs on one website. So this change is really all about making life easier for you.

    We will continue to provide lots of links and connections between the two sites to make sure that you can easily find what you’re looking for. As ever, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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    I have 3 pi's 3b+ and 4b+ loaded with games so quite familiar with them. Better extension.
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    What games can be played on the Pi4B? Any suggestions for a beginner (Child)
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    For a child I would suggest an android box as so easy to screw up setting on pi's the best value for money retro would be superxconsole pro 256g as costs about same with 50k of games if it hasn't 50k then it isn't a 256. Next best Pandora box 3d with 10k followed by usb 4k ultra gamestick with 8k games not 4k viewing games more the android use of apps eg youtube. You can convert own tv box etc with better specs etc also or run emulators on hard drive alone with retropie. But just get superxconsole worth every penny even if junk..For yourself 4b+ if like gadgets but best to build a mini pc or better still a pc with a graphics card go all out.

    Pi4 everything up to including N64 playstation 2. So all Nintendo stuff commodore 64 amiga ps1 50+ gaming consoles emulated. All these systems handle same sort of games. With a pi a few clicks of joystick wrong way etc and you disable an emulator or something else. When you buy a pi3 for example even the screen won't turn on until you write bios so I suggest starting with 4b+ If getting into it will make just turning it on one less step.

    I love my raspberrypi's but don't let people press buttons wildly until into the game.
    After you start going nuts you run multiviewer and run eg 9 hdmi screens on same screen.
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