NameSilo sold for $34,252 USD

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    The domain name sold on for $34,252 USD, It appears the domain name has expired and now auctioned off, has been registered since 1996 - making it 25 years old and over the years appears to have been owned by a company named MCR Software / MCR Agency LLC.

    MCR Agency LLC was in the shipping business and operated by Barry Fetter, It appears possible that Barry Fetter passed away in 2019, I can see an online obituary of a Barry Fetter from Florida, subsequently, MCR Agency LLC was listed with Florida address, I might purely be putting 2 + 2 together and coming up with 5 here but it would make sense that after all of this time for him to suddenly stop renewing this domain name, most likely is due to his credit card expiring and Network Solutions not being able to charge the card hence it becoming available to expired and now be auctioned.

    Another domain name that was linked to Barry was, that domain name expired last year also and was auctioned off on NameJet selling for $196 USD back on 1st of October 2020.

    Here are a couple of Screenshots from of the domain name and if it is correct that Barry has passed away, RIP.

    Check out the screenshots on Robbies Blog -
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