Question: Do you Link to Offer Page or Auction?

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  1. staringatascreen

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    I've got a question. I'm going to stop using parking pages because I've had virtually no luck with them (with a few exceptions where it's OK). So I'm redirecting all the domain traffic to an offer page.

    My question is it better to redirect to an offer page (Sedo, Afternic, etc.) or an auction (GD, Flippa, etc.)?

    Also, in the next few days I will be trying out the outbound marketing technique and emailing lots of people. I've gathered lists for my best names and will contact them letting them know that these names are available. Should I send them to an auction site, or an offer page?

    I'm leaning towards offer page (like Afternic) because it's free and looks more professional than something like Flippa. But I'm curious if there's anyone who's done this before and can share their experience with me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences with this?
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  2. DNScholar


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    If you a Auction in place for a domain than better to forward the mentioned domain to Auction Page else Offer Page.
  3. biggie

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    overall, it's better to send traffic to a ppc page that has a "This domain may be for sale" link or banner.

  4. iAchilles

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    Are they making money with PPC? If they're generating 50%+ of renewal costs then it's probably worth keeping the ones that do on PPC, otherwise I'd just go for landers.

    I've done a lot of testing, different landers, Sedo, Afternic, DNS and PPC. I get the most amount of interest and inquiries with Uniregistry landers.

    The most cost effective lander/marketplace in terms of commission is Uniregistry by a country mile. Names that are self-brokered or with BIN pricing only incur payment processing fees on sales, which are nominal compared to commission on all other platforms.

    Each have their pros and cons, Sedo MLS and Afternic premium will get you more eyeballs on your names.

    On Auctions, yes, best to forward the domain to the auction page.
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  5. infosec3

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    In my opinion, it is better to redirect to an offer page or auction. Unless your names have a lot of traffic and clicks.

    Parking is a huge disappointment for me:

    12 months 7130 unique visits
    Earnings: 0.38

    I am not parking any of my names now. All are redirected to my company offer page.

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