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hello as i am learning and understanding more of this business i want to ask what is the best marketplace to sell and buy cctld domains, as i am interested in testing less competitive markets. competing with people like you :xf.smile: who have years of experience and big pockets its very difficult
and by competing i mean on the .com domains
but what about less competitive like .mx or from another country
can you please give advice?
thank you
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Competition is very high also for top keyword in enstablished ccTLD ( and usually if there's no competition it means also little money unless you are betting in future adoption and it turns out your growth expectations are right which most of the times is not the case).

As for the "marketplaces" it depens on what ccTLD you are targeting. You should determine what are your ccTLDs of interest and then ask in the dropcatching section of this forum.
thank you @zomainhacks i will search on the drop-catching section of the forum and see what is more popular