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    PsychicNetwork.com - 19 Year Old Supernatural Reading Domain | Make your offer via Sedo here - all offers considered.

    Since the quarantine began, astrologers, spiritual guides, tarot card readers and psychics have seen an uptick in business. Psychic readings are becoming increasingly popular among young people on YouTube, Twitch and TikTok. YouTube and Twitch streamers are now doing live tarot readings, horoscope prediction videos, and there has been a trend of 'witches' on TikTok.

    PsychicNetwork.com is a great way to capitalize on this supernatural 'trend' - by combining social media with the supernatural!

    Ideas for PsychicNetwork.com:
    • Social network for professional psychics
    • Social network for young people who are interested in the trend
    • Platform provider (eg. psychic reading streaming service / pay per minute webcam chat)
    • Yellow pages style listings for psychics locally

    PsychicNetwork.com has the following benefits:
    • Brandable
    • Easy to remember, say and type
    • .com - most professional and memorable TLD

    Estibot: $18,000

    Make Offer via Sedo here - all offers considered.
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