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3 or more of my most valuable domains were transferred to Sav. Even though the WHOIS shows they are now at Sav, and Sav shows the transfers as completed, they are not in my account. The technical aspects of this are not so complicated for a registrar, and there is no excuse for this. I am sure I am not the first person who has reported this, and that Sav has had plenty of opportunity to fix the automated aspects of their transfer process, yet my domains are missing. So I can only reasonably conclude that Sav is deliberately failing to put domains into people's accounts in the hope that they will overlook it and fail to renew them. Not everyone is so well-organized as the average domainer, to notice this. I only noticed it because I was auditing my domains.

I don't know how they will respond to my support inquiries, but I am encouraging people to avoid Sav at all costs, because there is really no excuse for this. I decided not to wait for their stupid reply before posting this, because I don't trust them.

When I got into domaining 5 years ago, I never encountered this issue. Now all of a sudden all of these shady ass registrars are making these weird "mistakes" that screw over the domain owners and allow the registrars to steal the domains. In this climate no registrar should be given the benefit of the doubt. I suspect Sav is probably owned by the same shady assholes who own Epik, which has also recently started screwing people over. So I suggest that you not transfer anything to Sav, and keep a VERY close eye on any domains you have there in case they disappear.
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Interestingly can i use marketplace funds /balance for new domain registrations at Sav without withdrawal to PayPal or bank? need some help regarding marketplace account balance.
DM me the details - we're happy to help.
Does this mean Sav is now selling my domains on Afternic?
Not, often when I transferred domains to my accounts (not only Sav), on the domains were nameservers and landing page from previous owner. Just change nameservers.
Hello All. It sounds like our support team was able to get this handled as soon as they came in on Monday! We are experiencing a delay of up to a few days with a small number of transfers but manually look at this each weekday morning and add them to the user's account while we get the root cause resolved. Thanks to everyone who chimed in with help as well.
Almost a year later and the missing domains issue still persists. Twice in a row I have had domains go missing. Not a good experience with SAV. Will avoid new transfers to SAV until this issue is resolved.