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Hello NamePros! I plan to list a few domains for sale, and I'm looking to sell them in different domain selling marketplaces. For privacy reasons, I like to keep full name private.

When it comes to selling domains in the marketplace, is there an issue selling domains with an alias? For example, upon registering an account with these domain marketplaces, they are asking for my full name (first and last), and I provide an alias name. Reviewing my account details, I can't change modify the full name anymore. And looking at the settings, the only time I'll ever put my name is in the banking details or PayPal information to transfer of payment.

My main question, will this lead to complications upon selling the domain to the buyer or this is a completely anonymous process in the backend?
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It is very hard to answer your question because there are no specifics. At SOME platform SOMEWHERE you put an alias name and SOMEWHERE ELSE - real name.

Generally speaking, every platform needs your correct personal and banking information (you do want a seamless payout in case of sale, right?). It is probably possible to hide your identity from customers (again, we don't know who you are selling with), but not from the platform.

As for ability/inability to change names on a specific marketplace the best way is to talk to their support about it (especially when you don't disclose platform name).