Price Check for Your Domains on Namepros?

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    Just wondering if there is any appetite for a thread where you can list some of your names and the price you have it listed for or your own price expectations?

    Thinking of setting one up in the appraisal section where you can list 3 names and your BIN price or if it is set at Make offer your price expectations. People can reply with to high, to low, spot on etc.

    We see loads of names where the OP is asking for thousands or millions for names that are not even worth $50 so It might help with getting some realistic pricing and expectations?

    On the flip side it might cause some friction as these same people don't like being told their name is not worth what is inside their heads......

    Let me know (y)
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    I think it's a nice idea, but I fear it is doomed to fail for the reason you mention. Principally we are all Domainers here. Those that might have an interest in the domain will say the price is too high. It's fraught with biased objectivity. IMHO. Pricing is an art which most people wanting to know the price of their domain need to also state the expected time frame they expect to get a buyer at that price, AND if the price is retail or reseller pricing. Actually they might give 2 prices and timeframe for both reseller and retail sales (if they are looking for reseller sale). IMHO.

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