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  1. Rob Monster

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    Epik has secured exclusive brokerage rights for a very large portfolio of more than 5,000 .WEDDING domains. The portfolio is attached here. A few highlights from the portfolio:

    - Destination.Wedding (an ideal master brand for the portfolio)
    - Major city names like NewYork.Wedding, Dallas.Wedding, Seattle.Wedding
    - Popular internation destinations, e.g. Bali.Wedding,

    Of particular note, all of these domains are standard non-premium renewals.

    The portfolio can be sold in total, or in part. Contact me for details at [email protected].

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    As required by NamePros Rule: 6.2.5, please Edit your Original Post within 24-48 hours to include:

    Domain - List full domain name.
    Registrar - The domain’s current registrar.
    Renewal Price - If the cost exceeds $15 at its current registrar.
    Renewal Date - The date the domain needs to be renewed if expiring within 3 months.
    Payment Options - PayPal, Escrow, etc.
    Starting Bid - The very first bid at which the auction will begin.
    Sellers must set a starting bid that they are prepared to accept.
    Auction will not start until this requirement is fulfilled.
    Bidding Increments - The minimum allowed difference between each bid someone makes.
    End Time - This must be clear with an hour, minute and time zone or X hours after last bid. (Default 72 hours after last bid)

    Thank you.

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