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What does Phygital mean to you guys. My understanding is that it is combining the Physical and the Digital . It can be a product or an experience . The article above is a metaverse article that describes Phygital as bringing the digital into the physical. A few of my phygital domains are
And a few others
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Sotherbys - For the *first ever time*, our Contemporary Art Day Sale features 'phygital' artworks by 12 innovative NFT artists💥

…and Banksy as well as a curated edit of the latest Phygital pieces from artists at the cutting edge of creativity, such as Larva Labs, FEWOCiOUS, Hackatao and Kenny Schacter, this sale brings the old and the new.

Raghava KK’s $94,500 NFT at Sotheby’s sets new record for Indian artists
Questions of love and loss underline the multidisciplinary artist’s phygital NFT, which brings together science and art

Highstreet is creating the first-ever metaverse marketplace, where physical products are traded as nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, in a fully open phygital experience.

Beyond physical
ManilART2021 debuts its *first phygital showcase* which will give a glimpse of the possibilities of future art, bridging physical works with their digital multiples. These *phygitals minted as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)* will join the world marketplace for art, as well as allow virtual exhibitions of entire collections anywhere in the globe in the near future. Experience art as Augmented Reality (AR) at this year’s fair.

“These five fantastically rare ‘phygital’ punks form a very important bridge between the physical and the digital,” said Michael Bouhanna, a sales specialist from Sotheby’s, in a statement. “This is where the digital artworld meets the traditional.”

To Meet Customers' In-Store Expectations, Retailers Must Master ‘Phygital’ Experiences
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I’m going to hold my phygital names. I see this term used a lot in other countries . It may catch on and it may not . But it’s definitely used a lot in other countries such as India as far as I can tell via social media. And I’m seeing it used by some ppl via social media alongside nfts. They are using it in reference to the NFT in its Physical form . Which is what phygital is from my understanding (merging the physical and digital) …. I don’t think any of us know for certain but we just do the research and hope we come out on the winning end ..


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phygitalworld (.com) recently sold for $21,000

I wouldn't call last year's sale "recently".


The word "phygital" still seems to be hatching for now.

Either it will become a beautiful butterfly and fly away, or it will rot away before it can complete its development...
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