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PaidOffers Script is a new Get Paid To system which brings most desired features togheter into a complete system. This system was designed to be attractive and easy to use. With plenty of different features this system was designed to bring revenue and promote itself in a short time. Some of main features of this system are listed bellow, but to see this system working, we invite you to check the demo.

How it works?​

Script works on a very easy principle, users are completing some free offers provided by different advertisers thru offerwalls and they get rewarded with coins. When they have enough coins, they can convert them into money and withdraw them. Each time an user complete an offer or a survey, you get revenue. A percentage of this revenue should be distributed back to users.

What do I get?​

You will receive a complete GPT system, as shown on demo. All you have to do is to install and configure it and then you have a ready made GPT platform, ready to be promoted world wide (or maybe locally, is your choice).


  • Bootstrap responsive design
  • Secure offerwalls integration with proxy detection and hold days
  • Different Offerwalls integrated
    • OfferWall Script
    • Wannads
    • CPX Research
    • Lootably
    • Admantium
    • AdGateMedia
    • Monlix
    • OfferToro
  • Support for any withdrawal method
  • Complete admin panel
    • Dashboard with complete stats
    • Manage website settings
    • Manage members
    • Manage tasks
    • + Many more
  • Tasks system which allows you to create custom offers
  • Proxycheck.io integrated to prevent proxy and bots
  • Google Captcha integrated
  • Referral system integrated
  • Very well optimised to keep server usage to minimum
  • Unencrypted code (can be customised as you wish)
+ Many more features...

For more details, demo or purchase, check this page:​

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