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    Not sure if this the right place to post if not Mod's please feel to move

    I have a 2 word domain that is over 20 years old (not a junk hand reg), get's around only 500 searches a month in the U.S but has a decent CPC of $9.54 and is in the finance sector

    Recently I have started to see a few companies paying Google to advertise under the name

    Now if I want to outbound to 3 of these companies how can I calculate what they are spending on CPC adverting each month (if possible?) or do I need to do an estimate? If so, how?

    Then how do I compare that pricing to the domain price and extol the merits/benefits of owning it and come up with a decent proposal that would give them pause for thought?

    I am pretty sure if I target the correct person within the company and get the pitch right it is targeted selling and not spam - not here to discuss this point - though if you think so chime in, but provide some tips :xf.wink:

    Anyone had experience selling a domain this way? Can you provide a few tips on how to set up a proposal? I really don't mind calling them either as I call into the States quite a lot already......

    Any feedback would be appreciated - If you don't want to reveal all, happy for you to drop me a DM
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