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    Hi All,

    I've been away from these forums for several years. In the past I've held quite a few DotTVs. I remember there being a separate sub-forum dedicated to this extension and quite a bit of buzz and excitement surrounding that extension - as well as a bunch of very encouraging sales - all reportd on NamePros.

    Since then I, myself, have let a lot of my DotTVs drop, but am still holding a handful of my favorites (invite.tv, firearms.tv, torn.tv and a few Spanish DotTVs)

    But now that I've returned to the forum, I no longer see the separate thread for this extension, not many (if any) recent TV sales and not a lot of discussion regarding DotTVs.

    So, I would like some opinions on if this extension has had it's heyday, so to speak, and if there is any potential for what (I thought) were some very solid one-word DotTV domains in my portfolio).

    Basically, I'm just looking for an 'update' on what the heck is going on with this CCTLD from the experts who reside on these Forums.

    PS I hope I am posting this in the correct Forum.

    Thank you!
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