Notes on Changing Your Life.

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    The first post is: A Pretty good article and probably worth the time for most people.
    Note: For best results you might want to (someday) actually find time to read the details. :)

    Notes on Changing Your Life

    "It’s hard to nail down exactly what it means to “have your sh^t together,” but you always know when you meet someone who does.

    These people are functional and competent, but never pretentious or elitist. They make their beds and do their jobs and always seem to be level-headed about all the nonsense the rest of us conflate into huge crises.

    No matter what your personal goals are, at the root of them all, you just want to have your sh^t together too. <snip>

    ...6. Minimize Drama
    Instead of being someone who creates drama and issues, be someone who problem solves and innovates with new ideas. Instead of creating more chaos around a disagreement or issue, create a solution.

    ....8. Be Clear About Who You Are
    For people to respect you, they first have to understand you, and that really begins with your language and approach to explaining yourself, both online and in person. In general, you should have a single sentence explanation that adequately sums up what you do professionally and then another that sums up what you’re interested in personally. If you can’t sum it up easily, you’re assuming your life is too complex and nuanced—but you’re achieving the opposite effect than you desire because you’ll just seem sort of lost.

    Note: I have issues with #8 "Be Clear About Who You Are" since some valuable topics cannot be described in 15 seconds.

    Do you have your "sh^t together" most of the time?​
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