news Notable LLLL Domain Name Sales in November 2015

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What an incredible month for LLLL domain name sales! There were at least 825 public LLLL domain name sales over $1,000, amounting to about $2,075,000. Obviously, there were many more sales under $1,000 which are not included in these totals. Where are the LLLL names selling for greater than $1K? Here's a breakdown...

Sedo sold the most, capturing about 44% of the dollars sold, with an average sale price of $2,325 and a median of $1,944

Namejet is next with about 23% of the dollars sold, with an average sale price of $3,379 and a median of $2,299

GoDaddy comes in third with about 13% of the dollars sold, with an average sale price of $2,310 and a median of $2,226

Remaining sales, in order of number of sales greater than $1K, were attributed to (avg sale $2,166), Flippa (avg sale $2,410), DropCatch (avg sale $2,691) and BuyDomains (avg sale $1,802) with Ebay, Pheenix, Snapnames and capturing the rest.

Comparing to last month, prices have obviously increased and while there was a slight correction towards the end of the month, it seems that correction is starting to get erased.

The list of notable LLLL domain name sales for the month of November 2015 can be found here at, primarily focusing on sales above $1,000. Please note some dates may be off and some of these sales may never have closed. This month was highlighted with the sale of for $40,000 at Sedo. Other notable sales included for ~$37,000 at Namejet, for $32,000 at Sedo and for $30,100 at Namejet. Data was obtained from a combination of sources including, but not limited to Domain Journal, Namebio, GoldNames, LLLLSales, TLDInvestors, Flippa and others. As always, a real big thanks to all these folks. If you are active in this business, then you know this timely data is critical to success!
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Great post. Prices are way up on 4/5 weeks ago despite the correction.

The data points to the fact that namejet seems to fetch far higher average prices then the other platforms which is what i've been seeing as well both in the drops there and at pubic auctions.

Thanks again!
Glad you enjoyed it Joro001. Really is an amazing thing watching these markets develop!
Jeez . . . I'd better reconfigure my prices. Just sold a couple for under $1k.