Recently, National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) had launched the following 29 new domain name extensions (new extensions).


.... Currently, new domain extensions of NIXI are not available on all domain registrar sites except two domain registrars. It is not available on one of the popular domain registration site at the time of publishing this article. But it can be registered by domain registrar based on your personal request (via backend).

Read more @ Linkedin: Part 1 | Part 2 ) - (NIXI) (Registry IN)
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I never believed in .in extension. And NOW everyone can join me peacefully.
NIXI (or whatever it was earlier) has always been a notorious registry. Insane rules that do not make sense at least to domain investors has lead to poor adoptation of .in
I remember they did not release .in for a long time. I think only was allowed initially then .in came into market.

ALL good/oneword .in domains were already hoarded by big sharks, most of them never sold and hence never released in open market.
This resulted in startups in india adopting .com and .in never became a thing in India.
More choices is always bad for domainers.

I will say it will slightly strengthen the value of .in however.

And will become almost meaningless.
Conclusion: .com will rule even more in India in the future
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