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    Hello Domainers

    I'm won't make a site for a domain auction.
    What do you think about this idea?

    Some option for domainers
    Free listing
    10% Commission
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    We see a discussion like this several times a year .. here's a recent one ..
    Do a forum search .. there are definitely others

    The fact of the matter is that unless you can get past the catch 22 of needing both a critical mass of buyers and having a critical mass of good domain names .. then it doesn't matter what your commissions are or how good your platform is .. because nobody will even care.

    You need to have a LOT of marketing money and/or connections so that when you start you have good domains to sell AND you have a lot of buyers so that it's worth it for sellers.

    PS .. I also STRONGLY suggest you get somebody else to do your English communications .. your English obvious isn't very strong, and it's simply an unfortunate fact that people will never trust a platform where the spelling and grammar are bad.

    All that said .. I still wish you good luck! :)
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    Above is a good guide. Best of all is getting buyers. Once the demand is created, supply will surface.

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