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Hi guys, as you can see from my previous posts, i just started into domaining. I do not wish to invest too much before realising, i am buying garbage. I have okay okay knowledge about key things. But would help if you could advise on strategies to maximise profits. First are these domains good and if not, some tips would help me a lot. I am writing my views as to why i bought them to help you critique my thought process.

tradeforx.com (this seems to be a good catch IMHO due to high DA & PA and backlink profile)
communal.net - One word and very common spoken English word
vigs.net - bought because four letter and can be used for brand with good search volume
bolus.net - Same as above
Boroscope.com - my personal favorite as it just sounds good and can be used for branding and is related to technical instrument
hostsfaq.com - planning to develop this for my personal project
thepapersite.com - Again for papers related business or brand
thekidsmagic.com - for kids related merchandise or kids brand
fraudscape.com - Planning to hold this as this word has potential
liar.be - don't know why i bought this
lingeriessell.com - online store or affiliate business
resumify.org - bought it for project and then abandoned the project
SetBaby.com - For Media related business into child or baby casting for video productions.


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c/o/m/m/u/n/a/l (net) - If in "dot com", 5 figure territory. For the "dot net" (yours), mid hundreds / low thousands (online sharing)

b/o/r/o/s/c/o/p/e (com) - Offers accepted. Its a "thing", but tricky


h/o/s/t/s f/a/q (com) - Without plural, mid hundreds / low thousands. With plural (yours), offers accepted. If value is realised, it may be less

t/h/e p/a/p/e/r s/it/e (com) - Without "the", lower thousands. With "the" (yours), lower hundreds

s/e/t b/a/b/y (com) - If in reverse, thousands. For yours, low / mid hundreds (baby sets / baby products, fair brand)

f/r/a/u/d s/c/a/p/e (com) - Outbound: https://www.fraudscape.co.uk/

Email them, offers accepted. Hope this helps
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