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    A fully automated novel coronavirus COVID-19 tracking website, made simple and viewer-friendly. Spares users the clutter of long tables and offers easy-to-read charts and graphs for 215 country pages

    Novel Coronavirus Tracker in Real Time rides on the new hot topic everywhere in the world – the novel coronavirus – and provides live updates for each of the 215 affected countries. The is a simple 5-letter, brandable domain name that is easy to remember and build trust. A comparable domain name, Scoro .com, sold for $5,950 according to Godaddy Domain Appraisals.

    SEO meta title automatically updates number of cases and deaths on homepage and on each country page as well. All 215 have been generated along with a unique meta title, description tag and country flag.

    Data available include New Cases, New Deaths, Total Cases, Deaths, Recovered, Critical, Active Cases, Total Tests Performed, Cases Per 1 Million People, Deaths Per 1 Million People, Tests Per 1 Million People, Country Population, Death Rate and Recovery Rate. This is available for both the home page and for each country page.

    The uniqueness of the site is in the graphs and charts. Visitors appreciate the simplified pictorial view of the statistics better than digits in tables. The charts are even more helpful when they choose to analyze the evolution of data over the 30-day or All time periods the site provides.

    The is self-generating; updating data every few minutes.

    Admin Features:

    • Manage homepage meta description
    • Manage About COVID-19 page content and meta data
    • Manage About us page content and meta data
    • Manage Disclaimer page content and meta data
    • Manage Privacy Policy page content and meta data
    • Manage Terms page content and meta data
    • View Messages sent through contact us form
    • Manage logo, favicon footer copyright
    • Manage Google Analytics
    • Manage Google Verification Meta Tag
    • Manage Bing Verification Meta Tag
    • Manage sitewide Header and Footer Ads
    • Manage address, phone and email address in contact us page
    • manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus links
    • Add custom CSS

    Earning Potential:

    Coronavirus is the news of late, generating millions of traffic for many relevant websites. And with a vaccine not available, PPEs have become ever essential with facemasks leading the popular charts. I built this site to cash in on the trend. It is meant to be the powerful coronavirus tracker with a built-in Shopify drop-shipping store to supply facemasks to a hungry market.

    Why I am selling:

    It has become impossible for me to cash out on the site as planned. Stripe Atlas refused a US bank account, and PayPal is not available in my country, so I am compelled to sell.

    Who is this perfect for?

    Anyone interested in online marketing, and especially ones, who do not want to fuss over content generation and site management. You only have to focus on building backlinks (This website can receive up to 2.7 million visitors according to SEMRUSH).

    What is included in the sale?

    • A premium 5-letter domain name,
    • Professional and mobile-responsive designed website with Admin area
    • Transfer of the domain to your porkbun account
    • Full installation on hosting of your choice

    What payment methods do you accept?

    Please note that I am unable to accept PayPal payments as I mentioned, my country is not supported to accept payments on PayPal. Payment through only.

    Traffic: About 50 visits, 150 pageviews per month
    Price: $150
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