NamesCon STRATEGY for 2020. Lets share here.

Labeled as strategy in Domain Selling and Domain Sales started by BabayS, Feb 10, 2019.


  1. BabayS

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    Hi all Domainers,

    I submited 7 domains a week before NamesCon 2019 took place. Very surprise, one of them was approved for auction in first stage. It is
    I bought it for $1xx, and sold for $1,xxx in NamesCon auction with starting price $300.

    No planning, No preparing. I only saw the add on my NameJet's wall. And then follow the instruction. Thats all.

    If only I prepared my domains 3-6 months before NamesCon 2019 took place, I am sure more than 2 domains were sold.

    But it has been over. Let's look forward for NamesCon 2020. Prepare our best domains!

    So, Lets share our experiences in NamesCon 2019, and the STRATEGY on preparing domains for NamesCon 2020 next year.

    Lets make big profit!!!
    GOOD LUCK 🙏🙏🙏
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  2. DrJacoby

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    How do you prepare a domain? Throw it in the shower, and then polish the nails?
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  3. BabayS

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    I think, From now, we can start to buy premium domain names, like one popular English word or any business names. Hold them, and submit for NamesCon in the early of 2020.
    That's my opinion.
    What is yours? Lets Share here...

    Viva Domainers!!!

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