9 Alternative Hotel Options for NamesCon 2020

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    With less than 6 months away from NamesCon arriving in Austin, Texas, many hopeful attendees are making early travel and lodging plans.

    Elliott Silver, publisher of, wrote about his experience in researching flights and hotels for NamesCon.

    "I looked up the hotel rates on the NamesCon website [ for the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown ], and for someone who arrives on January 28 and leaves on February 1, the cost will just a bit more than $1,050 after taxes for the least expensive room at the hotel for the four nights."

    Continuing to read his article, I discovered Elliott paid a total of $754 for his entire NamesCon trip from Boston to Las Vegas. Based on his research of traveling from Boston to Austin, he’s likely going to invest $500 more this year than traveling to Vegas last year.

    As everyone awaits an official NamesCon response, I took a moment to compile a list of alternative hotel options for those planning to attend NamesCon 2020.

    Nevertheless, below is a compiled list of hotels in downtown Austin, mostly 3 or 4 star hotels in no certain order or preference, worth considering should the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown is a bit expensive for your budget. Most of the hotels are within walking distance although Uber, Lyft, scooters, bikes, cabs, etc. are there as an alternative transportation.

    In addition, it may be worthwhile to explore VRBO or AirBnB as options if the Omni and alternative hotels are a bit pricey.

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  2. If attendees have a Travel trailer, 5th wheel, Motorhome, Popup, Skoolie, Class B, etc.. They could save some by driving there too. RV parks in that area range from $50 to $80 per day and $225 to $450 per week for full hookups (Electric, water, sewage) + all park amenities (Wifi, pool, pond, etc.)

    For example:

    There are a lot of other RV parks around the Austin area within a 5 to 10 minute drive to downtown and the further out you go, the more cost effective they get.

    Just adding that to your list for those that own an RV of some kind to save a little extra cash and don't have to worry about anybody elses sheets. :)
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    I plan on staying in a Wyndham timeshare. Not sure if it is available for others to book, but they are usually cheaper and better than hotels. It appears the Austin timeshare is like 3 blocks away from the Omni.

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