MMX to use .luxe as a wallet address for crypto coins

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    MMX to use .luxe as a wallet address for crypto coins.
    Does anyone understand what is the sense behind this? Seems a veil of smoke shrouded in crypto technology to give it sex appeal but with no real value.
    OK, what I can get from the announcement. .luxe not going to be used for a destination for luxury goods and services, no doubt because everyone now understands there is very little demand for these top-level domains and is to be used as a wallet address for Ethereum. So that sending funds between wallets is easier by using say rather than a 40 character string as the address of the wallet.
    Luxe now stands for Lets U eXchange Easier. And I'm not kidding that's in the press release. The utter confusion is .eth already exists to do the same and (mind and machines) have tied up with .eth to offer joe.eth the chance to own also at $8 a pop.
    I just can't see the purpose, just seems nonsense and a desperate attempt albeit a creative attempt to beat a dead horse. Oh MMX also owns dot horse
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    My old mind goes back here.
  3. Addison

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    Watching! Immensely curious to see how this plays out... :woot:
  4. Kate

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    I think you are right, when you have a product/service that is struggling on the market you repackage it with some crypto/AI label - whatever is the hot trend of the moment - in the hope that people will buy it.
    Desperation makes people do strange things...

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