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    I'm Bulloney aka Rich Morris. I'm fairly new to domaining, but with almost 50 years of practical business experinece. I've invested about $6,000 in 750 domains that I've registered in the last 12 months. I live in Virginia Beach, Va about a 4 hour drive to the Washington DC area.

    It's been my experience in business to reach out to others who believe like I do, that there's rarely anything new under the sun. My purpose in posting this is to see if there are domainers within a 4 hour driving distance of the DC area who might like to get together for possibly a day to discuss domaining.

    While there is a NamesCon Convention in Vegas January 28th, the cost to attend that convention would be a minimum of $2,000 to include airfare. That's a little rich for my blood, but I'm sure it would probably be worth it at some point. If there is enough interest, and that could be from just a few domainers to as many as a dozen, I'd volunteer to arrange for a place for us to meet for a day that shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. My guess is we could get a decent place/room for us to meet for a day for around $300 not to exceed $500.

    You can either respond here, send me a private message, or simply email me [email protected] Thanks,

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    HI Bulloney,

    I'm in Boston but would join - as long as we can have a true "working day" - hard to justify travel for a drink meetup for an hr. or so in the evening, if you know what I mean.

    . I have family in your area so going there would not be a burden and might win me some family points haha.

    I am going to the conference later this month - so may be able to share what I learn with some others who couldnt attend.

    Please keep me in the loop - and plan me as an in for a meetup. The more we all get to know and work with each other the better for our space. IMO.

    Thanks for kicking this off,

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    Brian...yes I would plan on a true "working day" for us to meet. Surprisingly, you're the first to respond, but I'm sure we could get a couple more serious domainers to meet with us. I'm sure there are a couple of major players from the DC area who might attend. On that note, if there are only a few of us, we could probably meet at my sister's home in Annaplolis where she has the perfect setting for a meeting.

    Since you'll be attending NamesCon the end of this month, how does Friday the 9th of February or Monday the 12th sound? Thanks,


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