information .MEN tld ~70% decline in registrations

The .MEN extension launched in Sept 2015 reached a peak of about 487 thousand domain registrations in late March 2018. In the last fourteen months registrations have declined close to 70% down currently to about 148 thousand registrations. .Men registrations are currently available at many registrars for $5 or less. Source Namestat.org
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Yes when Global Registry Services new management took over from FFM and stopped the deep discounting it was clear registrations would tumble a lot. loan and men relatively have taken biggest hit. Those that remain right now in .men are 70% parked so I think many more drops as we reach one year anniversary this summer of end deep discounting. GRS has reduced to as you say $5 range from $12 so a bit of renews may happen. I never was much of a fan of this TLD except possibly for a few adult sites. It will probably retain some niche following. The $5999 sale of nice combination real (.) men on Sedo a few months ago that a few perfect combinations can sell but investors should be careful extrapolating as 6 of the 7 other sales in 2018-19 were about $200 or slightly less.
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The .MAN NGT is a brand TLD but it would have been a good one.

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