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From answers.com:

"lossless compression

A compression technique that decompresses data back to its original form without any loss. The decompressed file and the original are identical. All compression methods used to compress text, databases and other business data are lossless. For example, the ZIP archiving technology (PKZIP, WinZip, etc.) is a widely used lossless method (see ZIP file).

Although most compression methods used for audio and video are "lossy" and discard bits deemed unnecessary, there are also lossless audio methods. Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless and FLAC are examples of lossless compression applied to CD audio. Such methods reduce a full audio CD only to about half its original size rather than 1/10th the original as with MP3; however, no bits are discarded."

Music technology site?

Just thought of something else:
Information about Lost the series(with google adsense on it).
I'm off to watch the final episode of season 1 now. :)
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Don't say Huh? too much; pretend you understand.
Very strong suggestion of 'money safety' - I'd consider approaching small-med sized investment firms. Eg: safe, loss-less investments.
I think this has much more chance than to sell it inferring any computer-tech connotation... since 'lossy' and 'lossless' compression are well-known, then it follows that if lossless, as a tech term, had any real value as a domain name... there are a LOT of techies out there who would have nailed it, IMO, since it's so well known.
HOWEVER: there's always the big however... Maybe farm around for a few more comments on this, even from tech-sites. I'm not tech enough to know much about that angle... since it is a common term, I also wouldn't be surprised if you did have something here.
I really like how it sounds!!! Definately it is such a brandable name.

I thought it didnt mean anything but after checking the wikipedia I think you get some bucks for it if you focus in the "data compression" thing... develop it!

And if you find an interested end user, who knows, maybe up to mid high $XXX.

For a quick resale value no more than mid high $XX imo.
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