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Labeled as budget: above $5,000 in Domain Buyer Requests started by DudeManBro, Mar 8, 2019.


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  1. DudeManBro

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    Looking to purchase an domain.

    "Almost" any letters are fine.

    MUST include asking price.

    PM's only. Please also put PM sent in the comments because I get a lot of notifications on here and do not want to miss it.

    Please also provide me with your contact information, such as skype and phone if you are a serious seller.
    I will reply and speak with everybody.

    Budget between: $1.00 - $1,000,000.00

    Do not send your domain with my max asking price. Send your name with a reasonable price.

    Do not try and go find someone who has one and play broker. I will know.

    I am very professional, have great references and take business very seriously.
    I expect the same from you.

    Payment via Escrow or Wire.

    Smooth transaction and transfers only.

    Looking to deal with someone with good communication, good business ethics and a reputable/verifiable reputation.

    Looking forward to speaking with you and hopefully doing business with you.

    Thank you,
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