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New member limitations
To keep our website safer from abuse and spam, we place limits on new accounts. The limits are outlined below. To remove these limitations, new members (denoted by the title "New Member") should post high-quality and helpful content (e.g., questions) on until their account is automatically granted permission and access to these features. The special privileges on NamePros are granted to members who have a history of contributing to the community. We encourage you to become a contributor today!

Or, new members may upgrade their account to bypass the New Member limitations immediately.

Threads in specific sections ("forums")
New members cannot create threads (e.g., new discussions) in the following sections, but they can post replies to existing threads:

Posts and threads in all sections
New members are limited in the number of threads and posts they can create in a short period of time. These rate limits help to prevent spam that is common among new accounts. Rate limits control the speed (how quickly) new content can be posted, similar to speed limits on the road.

New members cannot create polls or vote in existing polls. Lower risk new members can vote in existing polls.

Direct Messages ("Conversations")
New members have limitations when it comes to direct messages, e.g., adding more people to a conversation is disabled.

There are also rate limits in place to help prevent spam that is common among new accounts. Rate limits control the speed (how quickly) new conversations and messages can be sent, similar to speed limits on the road.

Profile Posts
New members cannot create a profile post on another member's profile.

New members cannot use the reaction feature (Like, Thank, etc.). Lower risk new members can react to posts (threads and profiles).

New members cannot usually use the public chatroom but may be granted temporary access to chat during special events such as Chatroom Live Auctions. Lower risk new members can use the public chatroom.

New members are only permitted to attach files in these sections:

New members cannot add links to their posts, but they can add domain names to their posts. Links typically begin with http://, https://, ftp://, or www. Email addresses, which contain @, are also considered links, because they're turned into links when posted.
  • Tip: In order to quote posts by other members, new members must remove all links from within quoted posts before they will be able to reply.

New members must wait a few days before they can create a signature for their posts and profile. New members cannot add links to their signature. Lower risk new members can add links to their signature.

Tags / Topics
New members are limited by when and where they can add tags/topics to content.

Profile Field: Home Page
New members cannot add their website to the Home Page field of their profile.

New members may have more posts held in the moderation queue (i.e., require manual approval by a moderator before the posts are displayed) than an established member.

New members may upgrade their account to bypass the limitations above. Upgrading your account indicates to us that you are serious about becoming a valuable member of our community and you will follow the rules accordingly.

Restricted account limitations
There are times when we need to impose restrictions on an account due to disobedience (refusal to follow the rules), security risks, or other reasons to improve the safety and/or integrity of NamePros.

Restricted accounts may have many or all of the same limitations as New Members and may have additional restrictions (or to a higher degree) that are not part of the New Member limitations, depending on which restrictions have been enforced on them.
  • Example: Restrictions may be placed on an account that prevent it from sending direct messages but do not affect its ability to use the chatroom.
Important: Upgrades cannot be purchased to bypass these types of restrictions.

Good standing accounts
Accounts are considered to be in good standing if they do not have any restrictions on them (e.g., must not be restricted from the marketplace).

Thread limitations
Close (lock) and open (unlock) own threads
Community threads cannot be opened (unlocked) or closed (locked) by their creators; they belong to the community once published. However, there are types of threads that can be opened and closed by their creators.

Sections where creators can open/close their own threads

Active (open) threads limits
There are a few sections that limit how many active threads that members can have open at one time. Once you reach the limit in those sections, you must close an existing thread of yours before you can create a new thread.

Sections with varying thread limits based on account level
The marketplace (except Top Domains) and appraisal sections limit the number of active threads that members can have open at one time. The active thread limit for each membership level is displayed on the Account Levels page.

Sections with static thread limits for all account levels

Post limitations
Limits on multiple posts by the same account ("bumps")
There are sections on NamePros in which we do not allow more than a specific number of posts a day by the same member in their own thread/s ("bumping"). This practice is known as "bumping" because it is used to move ("bump") a thread to the first page and the top of a section's list of threads, increasing its visibility, which happens in most sections when a reply is posted in a thread. A bump can also cause a thread to appear on discovery pages that get it more views, such as New Posts and Recent Activity.

As a result, only a limited number of bumps are given to members based on their account level and/or the section of their post. Once you run out of available bumps, you can upgrade your account to get more bumps or wait until the next day (24 hours after your last successful bump). For example, if your bump limit is 1 bump a day, then at least 24 hours must pass from your previous post that successfully bumped before you will be able to bump again. Learn more with another example. However, you could purchase a Gold Account to bump again sooner without having to wait a day.

Bump limits apply to thread creators in their own threads. Rule 1.14 applies to all other members in threads that are not their own and they may not post in those threads solely for the purpose of bumping. In other words, if you did not create the thread, then you may only post in it when appropriate, such as posting in it to ask a question, place a bid, make an offer, claim a free domain name, express gratitude, or participate in a contest.

Bump limit by account level and sections
  • Appraisal sections: view
  • Marketplace sections: view

Sections that limit the frequency of bumps per thread for all account levels

Time limit on editing own content
Depending on your account level, account status, and where you post on NamePros, you may be able to edit your content for a period of time after posting it. Once an edit window closes for a particular post, the "Edit" link on your post will disappear. The edit time frames are defined below.

Time limit by account level on editing own messages in all Conversations
  • Restricted Members*: 0 minutes (disabled)
  • New Members: 5 minutes
  • Established Members and higher: 5 minutes
* Applicable only to some restricted members (e.g., does not apply to a member only restricted from the chatroom).

Time limit on editing own posts and titles in all sections unless otherwise specified
  • Restricted Members*: 0 minutes (disabled in all sections)
  • New Members: 15 minutes
  • Established Members and higher: 30 minutes
* Applicable only to some restricted members (e.g., does not apply to a member only restricted from conversations).

Time limit on editing own posts and titles in specific sections for all account levels*
* Exceptions may apply. Learn more in the Exceptions section.

Restricted members may not be able to edit their posts.

On the rare occasion that your content is automatically detected as potentially being spam (includes false positives), you will not be able to edit that particular content. This will not affect your other content that does not appear to be spam.

Indicator of post edits
This indicator applies to posts only; it does not show when the title of a thread is edited.
  • Last edited: is shown in the bottom right of a post when the poster edits it.
  • Last edited by a moderator: is shown in the bottom right of a post when a moderator edits another member's post.
  • No indicator is shown when a post is edited within the first minute of it being posted.
Indicator of conversation edits
There is no indicator shown when a conversation (title or message) is edited.
  • Note: We do keep internal edit logs for security purposes and to resolve disputes.

Post Reactions
Reactions to posts (e.g., Like, Dislike, and Thank) are enabled in most sections (e.g., news, reviews, and contests) except in most marketplace sections.

Reactions are disabled in most of the marketplace's for-sale listings to avoid dislikes from negatively impacting sales listings. The following sections in the marketplace have reactions enabled because less-traditional listings appear in them, such as promotional discussions and showcases:

Signature limitations
  • Images are not allowed.
  • Embedded media is not allowed.
  • Lists are not allowed.
  • Block tags (code, quote, etc) are not allowed.
  • The number of lines and links varies based on your Account Level.

Profile pictures ("avatars")
Members must set an avatar (profile picture) on their account before they can fully participate (e.g., post links) on NamePros. Exceptions are made for VIP and upgraded members.

How do I close an active/open thread?
The instructions are provided within the Threads guide.
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