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    In order to protect members and ensure that the rules are followed on NamePros, there are certain words and text that we automatically screen; we call this “screened text.” If any text is posted on NamePros that matches screened text, it will be automatically changed. This should serve as a reminder to the poster that what they have posted is not allowed. If posters subsequently modify their posts to try to circumvent these automated processes, then we may take further action to ensure that the rules are followed and that the community is protected.

    An example of screened text is URL shorteners; we do not allow URL shorteners, and therefore, we automatically replace them with “no_url_shorteners.” The reason we do not allow them is because they can be used to mask the real URL, which could be used to deceive visitors, bypass the rules, or used in other harmful ways.

    Another example is that certain words are deemed adult, and in most cases, should be restricted to adult sections on NamePros, since there are minors who regularly view content on NamePros outside of those adult sections. Since it’s impossible for us to manually catch every occurrence of those words that appear outside of adult sections, we detect them automatically with software that screens the text and changes it when matches are found.
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