Level 5 and its subsidiary, Level 5 Domains, have now partnered with CloudFlare.

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    Level 5 and its subsidiary, Level 5 Domains, have now partnered with CloudFlare for improved performance and security of all our customers.

    July 06 2018: Level 5 is pleased to announce another landmark achievement with its partnership with CloudFlare, to improve performance, security, and reduce usage on server resources.

    Level 5 are pleased to offer this service for FREE to all current and new customers with no commitment. The service will be available as of immediately via our control panel.

    Level 5’s experienced, in-house team has been providing hosting services and application development to the public sector since early 2010, and this latest appointment comes soon after the launch of Level 5 Domains, which allows the public to sign up to managed hosting services.

    Level 5 will be announcing further exciting developments soon.

    About Level 5
    Software architects established in 2010, Level 5 is a rapidly growing organisation, employing innovative ideas and best-in-class methodology in our mission to be at the forefront of application architecture.

    We aim to safeguard our clients in a rapidly changing environment by embedding adaptability and sustainability of the working environment. We are driven by our belief that, by generating real engagement, we can provide real-world differences for our clients and their users. That is where we believe the best value – and values – are to be found.

    How do we do this? With passion, innovation, forward thinking and simplicity.

    Legal Information
    Level 5 Domains is a trading name of Level 5 Websites Ltd
    Level 5 Websites Ltd registered in England and Wales
    Company Registration Number: 07172265. VAT Reg: GB 101846541

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