Lets Discuss What Misspellings Get Traffic

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  1. billinchina

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    Fellow Domainers,

    Lets post a few misspellings we've registered and what kind of traffic they get. That way we can learn from each other and know which kinds of misspellings are worth registering and which ones aren't.

    Letter is wrong: 1-4 typeins per day (
    - I thought people would hear about friendster from a friend and think it was spelled with a u instead of an e. Seems to work but not as much as I would have expected from an Alexa top 100 name.

    's' is missing: 5-11 typeins per day (
    - I thought people might forget the 's' since 's' often makes words plural and your mind might mix things up when trying to remember a name that you heard earlier. This is a top 100 Chinese Alexa site.

    dot is missing between www and name: no typeins (
    - I thought they might forget the dot, but I guess not that much.
    This is a top 100 Chinese Alexa site.

    v instead of c: 1 typein every 2 days or so ( This is a top 100 Chinese Alexa site.

    It looks to me like leaving the s off the end works the best. What have you guys found works the best?

    - Bill
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  2. rambo6376

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    Have not found anything just yet. Just registered one hoping it might get me some traffic.
    p instead of o ;
    bad idea - get about 20 typeins a month but terrible click through rate.
  3. billinchina

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    I just did some research and I'm very disappointed. If you go to and start typing in misspellings and hit search, you will see traffic rankings and they are very bad.

    If I wanted to find a misspelling for, I would in the past have tried: (1,347,060)

    Most of the traffic rankings for the names above are pretty good, but they are also developed sites. I would expect that for the number one ranked site on Alexa (, all of the common misspellings would have super traffic. But no! has a terrible ranking!!!!!!!!!!! Anything over a million is junk and probably gets almost no typeins a day. So, I have decided that misspellings due to incorrect typing are not worth anything and that misspellings due to mental confusion are worth something. For instance plural and singular forms of a word can be mistaken by the human mind. vs for example. It's so easy to forget if you need the 's' or not. The only other kind of names that should get traffic are common words like and Please prove me wrong, but I this is what I am coming to believe. Anyone else agree / disagree?
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    Maybe people are learning better spelling and grammar from using the Internet!


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