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This is theoretical. I have no intention to do so. Ok here we go. Let's say I have 500 domains at COMPANY A:

1. I transfer them to COMPANY B who only charge about $1 per name and transfer (they have this transfer offer, but high renewals).

2. After 11,5 months, I transfer them back to COMPANY A who charge me $9 per name.

3. After another 11,5 month, I'll start it all over again from 1. (if COMPANY B still keeps this offer, of course).

I will then pay an average of $5 per domain and year.

Will COMPANY B even allow this or maybe try to stop me to transfer them out, despite ICANN rules? Will they refuse another transfer to them?

And no, like I mentioned, I will not do this. I find it a little greedy and somewhat unethical. Did you heard of anyone who tried this?
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Please tell us Company B name. That would solve our problem first. :D
Transfer offers may be limited to first time customers. You can check with customer support.
In 95% of cases I always renew my domains via transfers... including traditional bidirectional routes...
Namecheap restrict to use their special trasfers twice per the same domain(s)...
Don't know any other examples.
Remind of the following story

If I borrow 5000 dollars from person A for a month interest free. Then when the month is up I borrow 5000 dollars for a month from person B interest free to pay back person A, then when that month is up I borrow again from person A to pay back person B.

After a while I get sick and tired of going back and forth from person A to person B and I have a meeting with both of them at once and tell them to simply exchange the 5000 dollars between themselves once a month and leave me the heck out of this mess.

Did I just technically get 5000 bucks for free?

What if you can find many people, some will lend you 300 bucks interest free, some 500 bucks etc. and you do this non stop, over time is it possible you will get millions of dollars for free?
Generally the promos are limited, and it's a few domains per account.
Some people have opened multiple accounts in order to take advantage of the promos. Some accounts were later frozen for abuse, along with all the domain names they contained.
For example. Godaddy have done that. There are several threads about it on NP.
Since the domains are being sold at a loss, 500 domains is a lot of money. You can expect that the registrars will be monitoring those promos closely. Read the terms carefully, and look for gotchas. One possible gotcha could be early renewal of the names to your credit card on file, without notice.