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This report aims to better understand countries’ commitments to cybersecurity, identify gaps, encourage the incorporation of good practices, and provide useful insights for countries to improve their cybersecurity postures.

Countries have reported using the GCI to facilitate:

  • discussions through formally established forums that enable self-assessments and better coordination;

  • gathering insights about overall national initiatives and resources used to manage cybersecurity at the national level;

  • benchmarking against good practices, partners, and regional neighbours;

  • awareness raising among various stakeholders on coordination needs at a national level.

The GCI results show overall improvement and strengthening of all five pillars of the cybersecurity agenda, but that regional gaps in cybercapacity persist. Illustrative practices by countries have been highlighted in the report.


  1. The Index maps 82 questions on Member State cybersecurity commitments across five pillars:

    • legal measures;

    • technical measures;

    • organizational measures;

    • capacity development measures;

    • cooperation measures.
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