Is there a way to use Dynadot API to backorder for free

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  1. anasshm

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    I don't want to compete against dropcatch and other backordering services, I only want to catch the left overs, instead of refreshing for an hour and registering them my self when they drop, I want a basic software to check if a list of domains are available in like every 10 seconds, and register them automatically, is there a cheap/free software that can use Dynadot API and do what I just described, thanks in advance for your help^^
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  2. Hypersot

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    Before you use such a software bear in mind that Dynadot's API works in such a way that, unless you spend a lot with them (ie. super bulk user), you will be slowed down to the point that -more often than not- your attempts to use the API will result in errors/server busy/etc.

    There were a couple of users that shared some scripts/software if you are interested. I'm sure if you use the search feature you will find them (unfortunately, I don't remember how to find those threads).
  3. anasshm

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    Thanks for the insight, I'll try to look for those posts
  4. twiki

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    It's not backorder, it's automatic registration via API.

    Backorders will generally be executed faster (depends on registrar though). Dropcatch / SnapNames will be even faster (fractions of second) as they launch hundreds of connections at the same time to get the domain.

    It works, except if you are aiming for a domain with just a little competition, it will be snatched out before you can touch it.

    So you can't really get high value domains via this method.

    Edit: Leftovers have not enough value to really make a living.

    In domaining you generally have to aim for domains >$1k in sale price, in order to break into profit - in most cases. Renewals / registrations are like $7...$10, and if you factor in the sale ratio of 1%...2% per year, then this tells you that you need to either have all domains with >$1k value, OR by some miracle method have an much over average sale ratio.
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  5. kam

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    If your domain list is huge. You will have to spend more time to check through all the domains.

    Check my signature for the software

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